This is a letter to commend Albert Moving Company on their excellent services provided. They were able to move my entire 4 bedroom house in just 5 hours! The staff was extremely friendly and cautious when moving my personal belongings. I have never been so impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of a moving company in my many moving experiences. Not only were the Albert Moving Company employees remarkably friendly and well-organized, but also the most affordable moving option out there! You would seriously be crazy to go with anyone else. Choosing Albert was the best decision I have ever made, and I highly recommend them!

- Tracy Forgie

Albert Moving Company saved my life when it came to moving day. The staff was very accommodating and pulled out all the stops for making my move a breeze. I am thoroughly impressed with their services and would use them again! - Steve Somersett

Albert Moving Company were the nicest group of people I have met in a long time! They were extremely hard working and got the job done in very impressive time. I would highly recommend these movers to anyone who is looking for affordable, friendly and trustworthy services. Thanks again guys for all of your help and hard work! – Sean Witney

If moving can be considered pleasant, my experience with Albert Moving might be described as such. The move from a house in Mississauga to a Toronto apartment was smooth from beginning to end. What stands out is the calm, respectful manner in which the three movers interacted with each other. There was a quiet sense of purpose that made me feel that I was in good hands -- and I was. Many thanks for a job well done.
- John Phillips

Thank You Albert Moving for making my recent move my easiest move.
- Nathan Halliwell

Albert Moving was wonderful! Their team of friendly and swift workers packed up a 4-room apartment one day, and moved it the next. Everything arrived in perfect order. I could not recommend this team more highly as the guys who will smoothly get you through the nightmare of moving!
- Rhoda Urman

Outstanding! Albert Moving did a wonderful job moving us. They were quick and efficient. I can't praise them enough for the effort they put into it. Thanks again.
- Philip & Michele Horky